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Here’s Why You Should Seriously Consider Installing a Quality Rainwater Tank

Have you noticed that the climate has been changing in recent years? It seems that these days, the seasons simply blur into one another, where they used to be more clear-cut. It is also not uncommon in Australia for us to have scorching hot days for weeks on end rather than the slightly milder temperatures that we seemed to have when we were growing up as kids. Whether this is human-induced climate change or something else, the simple fact is that we are all more mindful of the environment and how it affects us.

Dealing with Water Shortages

In recent years, some Australian states have implemented water use policies due to the fact that droughts have affected our major rivers and reservoirs. In a country such as Australia, which is so reliant on fresh sources of water, seeking a sustainable solution is key.

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Most of us are familiar with the sight of water tanks in outback and rural areas in Australia but in recent years, the water tank has moved into our urban areas as well. In terms of addressing the hot Aussie climate and our reliance on water, the modern rainwater tank in Adelaide offers the following benefits:

  • Strong: Unlike the unlined and corrugated tanks of yesteryear, modern water tanks are tough, are durable, happy wheels demo and have an inner lining that keeps all of the collected rainwater fresh and bacteria-
  • Sustainable: A rainwater tank offers a truly sustainable solution to droughts and water shortages. By collecting rainwater, one does not rely completely on the council-run water system, thereby providing a source of water that is available when water shortages strike.
  • Costs: The fact that one does not need to rely totally on mains water also means that water costs are reduced. When combined with a similar sustainable technology such as solar power, rainwater tanks allow a home or business owner to tap into a sustainable source of water for free.
  • Extra Water: The water restrictions that were implemented in places such as Adelaide meant that many gardens dried up. One or more rainwater tanks offer homeowners the opportunity to water their lawns without tapping into mains water.

A Sustainable Water Future

The fact is that most rainwater is lost to storm drains and soil. Our reservoirs can store only so many megalitres of rainwater before water restrictions need to be implemented by local government. In this context, rainwater tanks provide an additional source of fresh water for both businesses and homeowners and allow for the collection of rainwater that might otherwise runoff into drainage systems.

Rainwater tanks represent a sustainable water future and in a world where we have so many environmental concerns, this is good news.


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