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4 Types of Fencing for your Yard or Garden

DIY home improvement and other projects are a big deal right now. DIY gardening is actually a major trend as more and more people take to growing their own healthy organic foods.  This is also a worthwhile hobby because it keeps you grounded; no pun intended.  Finally, it allows you to be creative and responsible and frugal all at the same time.

But if you are going to start a garden you should also think about Woodspec.ca fencing options to keep it safe from rodents and other fauna that might think it is a free all-natural buffet!


First of all, you might consider wooden fencing. Obviously, wood fencing has a classic rustic charm that cannot be denied.  But it can also be both timeless and modern.  Wood fencing is also popular because it can often be quite inexpensive, as you don’t always have to buy perfectly shaped, matching, manufactured wood from the hardware store or lumber year. Indeed, you can use scraps or reclaimed pallets and other wood you might find.  Some people even prefer the uneven, more DIY look than the clean cut style of a store-bought fence.

Make sure, however, that you learn about the type of wood you use. Some types of woods stain better than others while some really don’t take to the elements well. Some really like paint while others prefer it au naturale.  Also, remember that wood fences are not the best at keeping pests out of your garden.  Make sure to line it with chicken wire, at the very least, to keep pests from squeezing through.


Wooden stakes can be great looking and iconic.  These are better suited for flowers and herbs than for fruits and vegetables, though, as rodents can find their way in. Still, the classic white picket fence can really offset colorful flowers and produce.


Stone can be expensive and is more like a wall than a fence. However, you can plant some stone deep around a garden to help keep intruders out. On the other hand you don’t want to build it too high or it will give off a cold feeling and won’t have much aesthetic appeal.


This is a great wood for fencing. It is strong and requires very little upkeep.  However, it can grow quickly and take over any area where it grows so keep an eye on it.

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