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5 Tips to take note when buying a Comforter Cover

A quilt cover has recently been discovered not just as a protection to the quilt but also an agent of beautification in the bedroom. The white color most quilts are designed necessitate some buyers making preference to adding some touches to make their bedrooms colorful. One simple yet great way to go about this is by getting a few quilt covers with various designs.

There are many home supply stores people can storm and get good quilt covers for their bedroom. In Australia you can find huge variety of quilt covers and super king quilt covers with Manchester Collection. However, it is pertinent to know some basics like the size of the bed, selection of the quilt cover design and qualities of a good quilt cover before buying the quilt cover.

The below highlighted tips are found helpful to making the right decision when buying a quilt cover.

Tip 1: Do not assume get the precise size of the Quilt Cover:

What usually determines the size of the quilt cover is the size of the bed and the quilt. Knowing the size of the bed beforehand is one helpful tip when it comes to getting a perfect quilt cover.

People on the look to getting a cover should be able to distinguish between the adult size and the children’s.

Size of a Standard Quilt Size Measurements (cm)
Single 140 by 210
King single 180 by 210
Queen 180 by 210
Double 210 by 210
King 240 by 210

The only thing anybody who wants to but a quilt cover need to know is the quilt size not necessarily the measurements of the quilts in Centimeters.

Attention should be paid to label or product description when buying a quilt cover for a child especially when shopping online to make sure the cover matches the quilt.

Tip 2: Select the Quilt Cover Design:

Design is one of the determining factors that influence the price at which quilt covers are sold. Some are designed with a single piece fabric design; you would also get some with many textile pieces sewn collectively.

Most of the hand-made quilt covers are more expensive than those that are not elaborate because of the designs inscribed on them. Some buyers for go for the low priced materials while some opt for the pricey ones depending on choice and financial strength.

Although, design is not the only price determinant when talking of quilt covers; others are brand, materials and many more.

Tip 3: Handpick the e Right Quilt Cover Material:

Apart from going for a suitable size and lovely design, what you also need to consider is the material. The material manufacturer use ranges from cotton to cotton blends, silk to flannel include synthetic materials.  All are of different characteristics, it now depends on buyers to go for the choice depending on price and make of each quilt covers. The most widely used material is cotton, followed by cotton blends because they remain the cheapest of all the materials and are also light-weighted and soft to the touch.

It should be noted that quilt covers do not produce warmth for users; however, buyers can increase their chances of getting warmth by opting for the wool or flannel quilt covers.

Nonetheless, if you have a warm temperature, a cotton, silk, or synthetic quilt cover will be the perfect match.

Tip 4: Consider other Features of Quilt Covers: It is also necessary to look for the features of a quilt cover before buying. Some features are seen helpful to maintaining, prolonging and easy usage of the quilt covers. Buyers have the choice of checking for quilt covers that are machine washable, dryer safe, and also pre-washed in nature.

Another feature you can be on a lookout for is a color that will not fade after some washing. You can also get a complete set of your new quilt cover that comes with matching pillow cases. This is revealed in the label on the package or still better ask seller for enquiry.

Tip 5: Consider the Quilt Cover’s Purpose: One thing you need to carefully examine before buying a quilt cover is the reason behind the purchase of the cover. Environmental factor is one thing you should consider if you would make the right pick. If you are living in a warm area, nothing should entice you other than a breathable and thin quilt cover and have the ability to protect the quilt from stains and dust. While people with allergies should go for none other than hypoallergenic quilt covers.

Using a quilt cover has been discovered as a great way to design your bed and bedroom. However, knowing the basics like the size of the bed, materials of the cover, suitable cover to go for and labels that specify their sizes are extremely important tips to choosing a quilt cover that last for a long time as well as satisfying the buyer to the fullest.

Lastly, learn how to choose a quilt cover with properties and features that matches your needs as a buyer.

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