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Brief idea about lead documentation/certification for contractors

What is lead certification?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has made certain rules for the contractors who indulge in repair; renovation and painting (RRP) must certify and train for the lead protective practices before dealing with any renovation work. The rules prepared by the EPA were into affect since 10th of April, 2010.

Basically the rules are such that, the contractors who handle the renovation of the structures built before 1978, which are mostly painted with lead based paints, must be certified for using proper safety practices. The ones who don’t follow this rule are subjected to pay penalty.

Who should be certified?

Any contractor or professional painter or independent firm holders who deal with the lead containing paints must be certified.

What are the benefits of being certified?

Apart from the benefit of not paying the penalty or fine, there are many other benefits of getting certified for proper lead handling procedures:

  • The health safety of the workers and the clients from the possible hazards of lead on health.
  • The paints which contain lead can harm the people coming in contact with it and this can be prevented by using proper methods.
  • If the lead containing paint is broken down into smaller particles the lead will contaminate the air and will affect other people.
  • Some of the symptoms of lead poisoning are-
  1. Joint pain
  2. Nausea
  3. Confusion
  4. Headache
  • Getting certified will cause you lesser expenditure- when you are not certified and the EPA finds it out, the project will be halted for some time and you will have to pay the penalty fees. Also, the EPA won’t allow you to continue the work soon which will cause lot of trouble for your crew and for the customers too.

How should you get certified?

The workers or the renovators should attend the training session which is held by the EPA. And for the firms, they must fill an application form online and also pay the required fees on the EPA site to get certified.

To get certified is a very important thing if the contractors want to deal with the lead containing paints. The lead certification for contractors is amended for the safety of the customers who will live in the house and also for the workers who will have to work in the environment containing lead. Lead poisoning is very dangerous for your health so every step must be taken to prevent your workers and clients from lead poisoning. The safety of your workers and your customers is in your hands. Thank you for reading.

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