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Builtin Furniture At Home

From sofas and sitting places to beds and wardrobes, there are a lot of furniture pieces that can be built-in the house. While it is usually more expensive than usual furniture, it adds some advantages and some disadvantages as well. In this article we are going to take a look at both of them so you can take your own decision based on your needs.


–          It adds value to your home. When potential customers see built-in furniture they usually like it. It saves a lot of money for them since they will get it included in the house, while usual furniture isn’t. Also, for some reason, it doesn’t look like “used furniture” because it is taken as a part of the building and not as a piece of furniture itself.

–          Many of these built-in pieces don’t need to be cleaned below them. Sofas and beds that come built-in go to the bottom and don’t need to be cleaned there.

–          They are way sturdier because they are intended to last for a lifetime. Built-in pieces are more difficult to break and not as prone to accidents.

–          Since they are built in sturdier materials like brick or concrete or they have heavy reinforcements because they are attached to the walls or the floor, it is easy to make room to store your stuff into them. This is why usually built-in beds and sofas can open so you can store your stuff inside.

–          They are custom made (Do you want custom made Venetian blinds?) for you so, you can ask for whatever you like and you don’t rely on the regular models available at stores. This also means you can get them done in any materials or unconventional styles.

–          You can do them by yourself if you are skilled enough. Even though they are not easy to make and it requires a certain level of skill and some tools, if you make them by yourself you will save a lot of money, because the biggest cost of built-in furniture is the labor, not the materials.


–          They are more expensive. Usually when you need something built-in, you are going to end up paying several times the cost of removable ones.

–          They need works done at home. Get ready for a little mess, noises and annoyances while they are being done at home, because there is no other way to build them in.

–          This is obvious, but they can’t be moved. And since you can’t move them once they are in place, you should be very careful before you make them and make sure you are going to need them in that exact spot for the rest of your life.

–          They can’t be replaced as easy as removable ones. If you are tired of them, you need to do more than dumping the old ones and buying new.

–          Once you build a piece of furniture in a room, you can’t change its functionality. That bedroom will always be a bedroom.

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