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Earth Everywhere: Evoking Natural Colors With Granite Flooring

Granite is in high demand year-round as an option for floor tiling in homes because the natural stone is incredibly strong and also has a remarkable appearance that can boost the value of many properties, and one increasingly popular style is to use tiles in earthy patterns.

Earth tones can range from the light – whites and browns that recall a sandy beach – to the dark, such as dark brown tiles with silver veins for a more dramatic appearance. Thankfully, granite is available in a huge rage of colors, styles, and patterns, so whatever the color and look of the various fixtures and fittings in the bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere, granite can be made to adapt.

Granite can work well outside because it doesn’t fade from exposure to sunlight, but it’s also a great option indoors. In addition to being stylish, the stone is also strong and perfect for heavily used rooms because it’s resistant to stains and scratches and will last for many years.

It’s important to note that granite can be slightly more expensive than other tile options, but it will boost a home’s value and the return on investment is worth the upfront cost.

Once a homeowner has settled on using granite flooring, the last important decision to make before ordering is what style of tile to get. Earthy tones are great because of their versatility, as these color schemes can look wonderful in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, hallways, and elsewhere.

For example, consider using white granite tiles cut in identical square shapes and patterned with flecks of gold, gray, and brown. These lightly-colored tiles evoke the beach, creating a bright and inviting floor that is great in a kitchen which has similarly brightly colored units.

Or use slightly darker gold granite flooring with red, gray, and brown markings for a floor that has an earthy look and can work in many rooms, including for tiling a busy living room.

A similar style can be achieved with granite flooring that has a base yellow color with flecks of gold and red throughout of different sizes, creating a mature, warm look for a hallway or elsewhere.

Alternatively, floor the hallway and impress residents and visitors alike with darker brown granite tiles flecked with shades of brown, black, and gray. This type of color and style is very flexible and is a nice choice not only for interior hallways but also for exterior flooring projects.

Many of the earthy tiles start with a brown base color, and that’s the same for a medium brown granite tile with darker brown and black veins that is also perfect inside and out.

For a truly dramatic statement, it’s possible to use black granite flooring with markings of black and gray, an approach that provides a great contrast with white fixtures and fittings.

The examples above are just six of the hundreds of design options for granite flooring – with that many different styles available, the only limit for a project is the homeowner’s imagination.

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