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Event Concepts

In order for the reputation management company New York to have a successful corporate event, they need to pick the right theme for the right venue and do this way ahead of time. Sometimes booking the same venue if it was a successful a year before is even ideal unless you need to reconsider the venue and shop around. There are also many factors to consider such as their event location, is there public transportation available for the attendees if it’s a far walk or not; also whether there is parking available or not at the venue. Also, when you are picking the venue, it is important to consider whether there is staff there at the actual venue and what their services include. Is there someone there to take care of things like the décor, sound and lighting, the stage and the seating etc. The venue managers might even have skilled suppliers that they can offer you for beverages and food at the venue and these are all things to consider when you are the project manager of a big corporate event. Someone needs to take care of all the logistics of the event and set up along the functionality so guests feel comfortable as well.

It is important to do an evaluation as the project member of the venue and looking at the feasibility concepts such as what would your competition do for an event like this, what are the regulation and coordination with authorities, can you market and promote for this event, the potential risks, the community impact, the liability and security and as well as the finances, revenues and expenditures.

Make sure that everything coordinates with the theme such as the suppliers, décor, technical requirements, the layout, talent, accessories and furniture, catering and the type of service. You need to also think about if lockers are needed or a coat check is needed depending on the size of the event and to be able to accommodate all guests with physical limitations.

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