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Everything That You Need To Know About Quartz Flooring In Houston

Quartz flooring is a durable and decorative system ideal for wet areas, kitchen countertops, and floorings. They are resistant to heatand scratches, and this flooring system is a human-made combination of crushed quartz and resins.

The surface of the flooring remains non-porous, which means they are stain resistant and require less maintenance. The seamless flooring system when combined with colored quartz granules, they produce an endless combination of colors. This flooring system has increased surface texture, and they are slip resistant.

Where can You make use of Quartz Decorative Flooring?

  • In airport baggage terminals
  • Animal areas
  • Warehouses and manufacturing areas
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Beverage and cafeterias
  • Corridors and schools
  • Kitchen and shower area
  • Pharmaceutical plants and chemical processing

Properties of Quartz Surface

Quartz surface consists of natural material, and the combination of those materials is completely manufactured. Around 90% of quartz surface is made of quartz minerals and resins, and 7% is made of polyester and epoxy. The crushed quartz is bind with resins and fillers such as metals, colored glasses, shells and crushed mirrors.

Is Quartz Surface Durable?

Quartz surface remainsdurable, and they are used in kitchen and bathrooms. If proper care is given, they will last for longer time. Many quartz manufacturers are offering lifetime guarantees to the flooring system. Quartz mineral is harder than diamond, so they are very durable.

Certain parts of quartz may face cracking or chipping on very rare occasion. So you must be careful choosing Quartz flooring Houston manufacturers for buying the best product. Quartz is heat and scratch resistant when compared to other flooring products. The non-porous surface remains impossible to stain. They are even resistant to acidic food items.

How does Quartz Surface Look like?

Quartz surface design mimics to that of natural stone. They come up with aesthetic qualities like neutral tones. They are also available in solid colors with a uniform pattern. They more have a decorative appearance, making it suitable for a residential shop. They come with unique pattern and color. High gloss tiles look elegant, and you may use a neutral tone of bricks for decoration.

Maintenance and Cost of Quartz Surface

Quartz surface is easy to maintain and clean the surface using water and dish soap. Spillage can be cleaned immediately using a sponge with a mild detergent and warm water. Remove dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner. You should never scrub the surface using nylon bristle brush.

Never apply any acids on quartz surfaces. Quartz surface products are cheaper, and price ranges per square foot, including the installation, cost. Price varies according to color and design. Quartz flooring products are extremely heavy, and they have to be installed by professionals only.

The non-porous quartz flooring remains a great hygienic countertopchoice, and they are better resistant to bacteria, mold, and dew. The seamless flooring system creates the best design mix for a great appearance. You will find a large collection of gloss and satin finish which will have a smooth texture. To create a unique appearance, you may use quartz surface.

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