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Gravel magic

Have you fallen out of love with your garden? Is the path to your front door looking tired? Do you want less soil staring back at you? Then you need a quick cost effective touch of natural magic.

If you crave a transformation in the appearance of your outdoor space, whether it’s large or small, and you aren’t lucky enough to have thousands of pounds to spend with a garden designer then you can achieve exhilarating results instantly by laying gravel over a lacklustre surface, in pots, around a feature. Almost anywhere.

There’s no need for a landscaping or engineering degree either, you have all the knowledge that you need when you choose to lay gravel.

This landscaping material doesn’t cost the earth but it is natural and quarried by experts.

Suppliers like the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey based Rivar Sand and Gravel can supply local gravels like Cotswold Chippings, South Cerney Gravel and Moonstone Gravel and these are sourced within miles of their depots.

If you think of gravel as dull or lifeless then it’s time to reconsider. When you contact gravel suppliers they’ll soon re-educate you.

There are gravel products in numerous textures, sizes and colours.

If you want an inviting natural landscape appearance, then gravel like the 20mm angular Cotswold Chippings could be perfect for you.

It can be used almost anywhere; driveways, paths, around features, to highlight features, mulching for flowerbeds and pots and anywhere else that you can think of.

When used as a driveway material it may need to be topped up occasionally to keep its majestic volume but there’s very little maintenance with this or any other gravel stocked by expert gravel suppliers.

If you want to use Thames Valley flint in black, white, brown and beige mixed together then the hugely functional and attractive Moonstone Gravel could hold the answer.

This is available in 10mm and 20mm so you can tailor the look and size to preference.

This gravel is extremely durable and works well on driveways. The 10mm contains less brown and will offer a smoother finish.

If your garden furniture is green and you are weary of your concrete path, then you may want to look at Green Basalt Gravel.

Green is a colour that evokes thoughts of nature and verdant growth. If your plants are a little less than spectacular this gravel can take the aesthetic strain.

For pink hues, maybe as part of a fairy-tale area for children, then the Cheshire Pink Gravel offers delicate pinks and purple with the cost effectiveness and longevity of gravel.

Another outstanding choice available from gravel suppliers is the Flamingo Gravel, this is 20mm, turquoise, pink, white and blue plus Mother Nature has added sparkle with this gravel’s quartz content. It glistens in sunlight.

Contact a local gravel supplier today, whatever your tastes are they will have a gravel product to reenergise your outdoor space quickly, easily and perfectly. Why spend days toiling when you can achieve a dramatic makeover in the blink of an eye?

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