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Hosting the Outdoor Event

Whether you are organising a sporting event, maybe it is just a summer party, or you have a sports club that meets outdoors at a venue every week, having somewhere sheltered is always a good idea.

In the UK’s climate, you never know what the weather may throw at you even in the middle of summer; showers can seem to come from nowhere. There is nothing worse than being stuck outside with bags full of equipment and papers in the pouring rain.

Although putting up a gazebo or maybe even a larger tent could do the job you need it to do, it is notthe most substantial of shelter. If you are expecting a large turnout of people throughout the day, you may well be better off looking into portable building hire.

Portable buildings allow for you to set up an indoor space virtually anywhere, with a range of different building to host different activities. Here is an idea of just what you can do with a portable building.

  • Catering- a perfect option if you are hosting a full days event it is always a good idea to have some form of catering where people can come inside have a seat and a bite to eat. Even if it is just a few sandwiches and coffee, happy wheels demo some indoor seating and warmth is often appreciated.
  • Changing rooms- especially for sporting events and clubs somewhere for players/athletes to get changed and clean-up is vital. Imagine playing a full game of football on a muddy rainy day and having to try to get changed out of soggy dirty clothes in the back of your car. Alternatively, being hot and sweaty from running and not being able to change into something clean and cool.
  • Office use- whether you are setting up a temporary office or you need somewhere to complete paper work for people attending your event. Often in competitions, you will need somewhere to complete entry forms for competitors and somewhere for them to report to should there be a problem throughout the day.
  • First aid- another important part of sporting events and any kind of event for that matter is somewhere warm and dry for first aid to take place. Often this can be combined into the same building as any office work as first aid cases more often than not also require paperwork to be filled out.
  • Toilets/showers- especially for full days and events than run over a number of days it is vital that you have somewhere for people to go to the toilet and get clean should they need to do so.


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