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How to get started with your house renovation

Renovating a house can be a therapeutic process as you breathe new life into an old home. The process is extremely rewarding in general. However, there is a lot of hassle involved as well. Some of the things to do before you get started include:


It’s always important to just ensure if it’s legal to carry out any renovations. This is because if the damages are tremendous then you may require a permit in order to undertake renovations. If it’s an old home its most likely listed thus it’s a criminal offence to carry out unauthorized work.

Devise a plan

This include scheduling the works and preparing for inspection. The process entails having things like a lead safety checklist to check for lead residue, the plumbing connections and electrical wiring. These things may help you and give you a sense of direction in the process. If happy wheels demo the damages are extensive you will definitely need a professional to look into it so as not to interfere with things like plumbing.

Secure the site

You need to protect the house against any break-ins when it’s uninhabited. The property is also prone to vandalism and the possibility of the piping and wiring being tampered with. Locking up doors and windows will help in protecting the place.

Get the finances

After the inspection, you need to create a budget in regard on what you plan to change or replace and the cost of services. With a clear budget you can start sourcing for materials and building components. You also need to get a detailed financial schedule as some things need not to be bought until they are ready for use.

Clear the site

Once you’re ready to renovate and everything is in place, begin clearing out rubbish especially inside the building. Get rid of unnecessary stuff as well and get started.


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