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Keep Your Property Secured With Accordion Grilles

Accordion grills are perfect in cases where there is little headroom and also no floor track. In this case the grille follows a curved line and stacks into a side pockets in a wall. There are called side-sliding grilles or full vision acrylic grilles.  However the installation work of this done by trained specialist who are very good in the art.

Do you require a kind of separation that is simple? Then the Accordion grille is what you should consider. There are lots of companies offering the best accordion security grilles solutions and for the most budget friendly price too. They also carryout servicing and installations of the accordion grilles that suits your security and opening needs. There is also the option of a rolling and side folding that best suits cases of curves or restrictions. And one other nice feature of this rolling and folding accordion grilles is that it can be made to your specification in order to fit in perfectly to any condition of your wall. The horizontal folding pattern of the accordion grille ensures that the folding is situated behind the door. While the side folding are custom made for spaces that considers security as a priority. The accordion grilles come in different designs and styles and also engineered for strong security and visibility too.

Reasons why accordion grills stands out is because, it is easy to operate and noiseless and yet doesn’t compromise in security. If you are seeking for a way of balancing visibility and security i.e. having a view of the other side of the space or environment while making sure there is zero access to both ends of the space, then the Aluminum folding grilles or folding security partitions is your best bet. Another interesting feature of the accordion grilles is its durability; it can last for so many years if routine maintenance is carried out on it by well trained specialist.

Some of the features of the accordion grilles include the following:

  • It hidden Locking Devices
  • Availability of the optional curves and custom curves
  • Vertical aluminum linking rods in various grid patterns
  • Different curtain designs, including aluminum and the Lexan panels
  • It does not require a floor track
  • Availability pocket doors
  • Availability of the emergency egress fire exit, which meets the fire code regulations in place.
  • It easy maintenance and servicing compared to other security gate options available.


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