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Office Removals London

All moves can be disruptive and stress filled for all concerned. Things get broken, left behind or lost. Not all items to be moved are listed; inadequate or no insurance coverage has occurred and the moving charge turns out to be considerably higher than the estimated charge. Set-ups at the new location are not carried out properly. Office Removals London lessens those occurrences to a minimum and even in most cases eliminates them entirely. A big help in this regard is a man with van in London.  Office Removals Services London assigns a personal move manager to every move whether large or small. This manager is with the clients from the very beginning until everything is wrapped up satisfactorily at the end.

Office Removals London services will even carry out moves over the weekend or during the night so as to minimally disrupt worker productivity. The IT infrastructure is packed and then unpacked at the new destination very carefully. The personal move manager will even see that the equipment is cleaned and the portable appliances are tested while it is not being used, if the owners would like this service.


Office Removals London services include:

* IT specialists who can disconnect your IT equipment, pack it safely and reconnect it properly at the new office space, all hassle free.

* In person and telephone after care

* Checking out the new premises with the owners to ensure that all the equipment is

placed in its proper designated places

* The personal move manager communicates effectively with everyone involved in the

moving process so that no misunderstandings occur

* Recycling

* Short and long term secure storage

* Storage inventory control

* Providing wooden containers, which are considered the best kind

* Meeting or beating the moving price of competitors

* A large number of various size self storage units

* Internal moving

Moving companies try not to harm their clients’ possessions during a move, but accidents do happen. When an unfortunate incident occurs, the company–with the coordination of the personal move manager–either has it repaired or replaced to the owners satisfaction. Clients do not pay for the move until they verify that no items are missing.

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