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Retirement Benefits

The GWC Valve organization has different retirement benefits including two different categories of pension plans to offer their full-time employees. Most organizations have retirement benefits, which include employer-sponsored pension plans, and these are plans that are able to provide income when employees reach a pre-determined retirement age. Most employers contribute about 50 percent to an employees retirement plan and the employee will contribute the other 50 percent of the income throughout their lifetime.

There are defined benefit pension plans and then there are defined contribution pension plans that an employee or individual can choose to take in their lifetime. When it comes to a defined contribution pension plan, this involves a formula that determines retirement benefits so that the actual benefits to be received are defined ahead of time.

A defined contribution pension plan specifies what contribution the employer has to give the employee for their pension plan. The benefits in this case depend on both the amounts contributed to the fund and the retirement funds investment earnings. There are also two other typrd of defined contribution plans and these include group registered retirement savings plan. The employees basically can have a portion of their compensation, paid in cash, put into an RRSP by the employer this way the employee can actually save the money and not spend it since the employer is in charge of the funds. The employee cannot get taxed on the RRSP until after they retire or until the money is removed from the plan or account. The employer can also choose to establish a deferred profit sharing plan which you have a certain amount of company profits that are credited to each employee’s account, payable at retirement, termination or death.

It is important as a large organization for the GWC Valve Company to be able to allow their employees to choose which retirement benefits they want and to start a retirement pension plan right away. It will definitely be worth it in the future for their employees.

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