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Top 3 Types of Wooden Routers that You Should Know About!

Do you want to know how routers can help you? If ‘yes’ then read on few important information mentioned below.

Routers are the tools which are specially designed for cutting and shaping wood or plastic for utility and decorative purposes. In fact, they can create the most perfect wood patterns. These routers include a self tapping screw which rotates at a very high speed. A lot of people consider routers as the most comfortable tool to use. Besides, there are several types of routers available in the market and some of them are as follows –

By Base

A lot of people usually worry about how to control the cutting depth. The below mentioned are 3 types of routers, which helps you to control the cutting depth easily as per your requirement.

  • Fixed Routers

The specialty of fixed routers is that you can set the cutting depth manually. All you have to do is set the cutting depth and these routers will cut as per your requirement with great accuracy. However, one important thing that you should remember here is that you cannot change the cutting depth when the work is going on. Hence, even if you press hard accidentally fixed base routers will only cut as per the cutting depth set by you.

  • Plunge Routers

You can happily make changes in the cutting depth while using this type of routers. Hence, if you want to make any changes in the cutting depth you can easily do it without shutting down the router.

  • Combination Router

You can understand by that it has the features of both Plunge base routers and fixed base routers. Hence, you need not invest money separately on buying 2 different types of routers. There is no doubt that it is really a wonderful option to save your money.

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By Size

  • Trim Router

Trim routers are portable and thus you can carry them wherever you want comfortably. The best part of this type of routers is that you can use it with a single hand.

  • Medium Sized

The horse power of medium sized routers is a bit high when compared to the Trim routers. Its horse power ranges in between 1.80 to 2.25. Moreover, unlike Trim routers you can operate the medium sized routers with a single hand. In fact, you have to use your both hands to operate this type of routers. This type of router would be your perfect choice for dovetailing and mortising.

  • Large Sized

Large sized routers will usually have a horse power which ranges in between 3.5 to 3.25. They would be your best choice if you have heavy routing needs.

We completely understand that finding a good router is not so easy due to the availability of different brands in the market offering wooden routers. This is when sites like http://www.nuttydiy.com/reviews/best-wood-router/ would be of great help for you. You can find the reviews of different DIY tools on this site to understand which one suits your needs.

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