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Wasp Removal with Pest Control Reading Experts

When you need specialist wasp removal Berkshire experts please call in highly recommended and accredited experts like Pest Control Berkshire to relocate a nest for you.

Don’t risk being stung and please don’t try to use homemade techniques, over the counter insecticides or set fire to a wasp’s nest. (If your neighbor tried it and managed not to burn his or her house down, they were extremely lucky.)

Wasps nests removal is a job for experts. That’s why experts exist.

If, as many people are, you are scared of our little buzzing friends then these facts should help you to see them in a more forgiving light.

  • A queen starts a new colony each spring. Having over wintered with just a few male drones they need to establish a new productive nest. Most of the population of their former colony will have died the previous autumn with the advance of cold weather.
  • One colony can host a population of 50000 wasps throughout one summer but don’t worry because they aren’t all resident at the same time. Wasps have short lives so if they are born in early May, they’ll die before the end of the month. Only the queens have longer life spans.
  • Worker wasps have a lifespan of just 12-22 days. These are the sterile females.

Drone wasps, the fertile males, live a little longer but once they’ve mated with the queen they die. Their life’s work is complete.

Queens have a lifespan of up to 12 months. They are the fertile females and need to be able to restart a colony in spring.

  • Hornets, the largest form of wasp, are brown, orange and yellow whilst wasps are black and yellow.
  • Wasps and hornets provide vital ecological benefits. That’s why wasp removal Berkshire experts spend the majority of their time relocating nests rather than destroying nests. Wasps are effective hunters and they eat the insects that can cause serious damage to plants and crops. Without them crops wouldn’t mature and the food chain would suffer.
  • Specialist firms can use single treatments and carry out surveys to establish if there are more nests on site, the greatest difficulty is to access the nests. Wasps don’t build them in the most convenient locations which is another reason not to try to evict them yourself. Remember, experts have qualifications and safety training and you really don’t need a broken leg caused by clambering around in the roof space.
  • When you aggravate wasps or provide a threat they will sting. They can sting multiple times because their stingers aren’t pulled out as bee’s stingers are. However, they won’t sting unless provoked.
  • Experts are familiar with the angry response of up to 5000 wasps but the public aren’t so DIY wasps nests removal can be frightening and why terrorize yourself when professional pest control Reading specialists can work calmly?

Call an expert wasp removal Berkshire firm and make them your heroes of the day.

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