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Winter Pest Control Advice

Pest control Reading experts know that as winter sets in and the natural habitat becomes unwelcoming many creatures aim to find themselves a warm and safe place to spend the coldest months.

Just as we snuggle in front of the fire, they move in to sheltered spots to escape wind, snow, rain and frost.

Number one amongst the home invaders are rats and mice. There are millions of them in the UK at any one time.

They all want to be warm so if you spy droppings, hear scratching or gnawing or spot any easy to squiggle through holes in your property which could allow them in to roof space or cavity walls then please get them sealed.

Please be proactive about moving food and crumbs off workspaces and ensure that the lid is firmly down on your wheelie bin.

These act as cheery invitations to intelligent rodents. Your restaurant facilities are open; they’d be foolish not to take advantage.

Woodworm, the larvae of furniture beetles, can be a destructive. Early detection will help a Reading timber treatment company like Pest Control Berkshire to reduce the impact on wood and restore your peace of mind.

Woodworm live as larvae for anywhere between 2 and 5 years. Their lifespan as 3mm-6mm furniture beetles lasts just 2 weeks.

The larvae feed on the starch in wood because it offers them energy. They tunnel in the wood when they hatch from their egg stage and this activity weakens the wood’s integrity.

Without timber treatment this can result in serious and very costly structural issues.

Damaged or crumbling wood e.g. a floorboard, beam, joist or piece of furniture frequently acts an accurate indicator of an issue. You need expert assistance and surveys.

Wasps including the largest type the hornet may choose your roof, a quiet shed or outbuilding to hibernate in. Wasps like to build their nests close to humans.

Although many of the worker and drone wasps will die during autumn, the queen and a small number of drones (male wasps) will overwinter in comfortable surroundings so that the following spring they can awaken and populate a colony.

Pest control Reading experts know that people associate pest control with summer but wasps might just choose your home for their survival in winter.

The role of pest control Reading experts is to relocate nests rather than to destroy them in the majority of cases.

Insects like cockroaches and flies will also try to overwinter in your home, it’s warm and if they don’t come in to contact with any spiders they are happy and live.

If you have any suspicions about potential winter pest issues then please seek professional advice at the earliest opportunity. Don’t resort to extreme methods or ineffective treatments.

Many pests thrive on over the counter treatments because they have built up a natural resistance to them. The Super Rat is a prime example; they can gorge on over the counter remedies with no ill effects. Call in the experts.

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